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Prime Tickets has been in business for over 17 years providing our valued customers with premium seating to all national and global events. We strive to give our customers the finest in quality service while keeping our prices competitive.

Prime Tickets website offers visitors an opportunity to find national events tickets from the convenience of their own home. Just browse through the various venues to find upcoming events and tickets. Sold out tickets for events at world wide venues are available through Prime Tickets.

We are a division of a Ticket Network, an independent, privately owned company engaged in the business of buying and selling FIRST-RATE tickets at a premium. All prices quoted by the Ticket Network include All service charges and reflect our cost of obtaining quality seating.

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Disclaimer: Prime Tickets.com is not affiliated in any way with the Ticketmaster. Our prices reflect our cost of obtaining premium seating. By purchasing tickets through this site, the buyer understands that they are purchasing a complete package. All Sales are in US Dollars and are final.


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